I have my husband to thank (or blame) for the press we’ve gotten this past year.  He, after all, came up with the name Want-ology®.  He is terrific at cutting to the chase and finding really catchy names. I was calling it something stupid and un-marketable like “problem framing”…:-)  

It’s always fascinating the way these things happen.  Now that I am again successfully teaching coaches and other “helping professionals” the process to use with their clients, I’m paying much more attention to how Want-ology® is presented in the press and online.  Hence, the blog. 

Want-ology® is “the study of what you really want.”  Emphasis on “really.”  It’s a way of focusing your attention in a different way, and getting un-stuck.  It’s about making a shift in how you understand things and what possibilities you see as openings for you.  It’s about reflecting in a way that gets you in touch with the real foundations of what you want…not the particular solution you’ve come up with.  It is also designed to “untangle the knot” you are probably in if you’re trying to work out your problem or plan your course the way we usually work things out for ourselves.

What it is not is a cheerleading, motivational rah-rah you-can-do-it.  It’s not “positive thinking.”  It’s not “Just be happy” and it’s not “affirmations.” All of these things have their place (maybe), but too often I see them as a way of avoiding reality, trying to ignore the way things are. They are also great for driving guilt and denial.  Not my cup of tea.

It’s also not a way of just “living with things the way they are and getting used to it.” 

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. 🙂

It won’t cure cancer, make the sun revolve around the earth nor is it a promise that you will find true love. So what will it do?

At its core, Want-ology® will help you access your real desires, what you really want to experience.  It will help you focus on what really matters.  It’s a pretty reliable process (technically, a meta-process), for people who want to engage.

When you do engage, you shift the way you see the world, yourself, and your possibilities.  Also, it’s my observation that most of my clients start to get opportunities that they didn’t know existed, or that suddenly appear “out of nowhere.”  Whether that is a function of “Chance favors the mind prepared” or the Universe finally hearing clarity from you, and sending you new options depends on how metaphysically you prefer to see things.  But it seems to happen a lot.

So, full disclosure–I don’t know what you really want.  I’m usually wrong when I try to guess, based on our initial conversation.  So I don’t try.    And if two people come in with exactly the same “initial statement of want” (I want a new job, I want more money, I want a bigger house…), they usually end up with entirely different wants from each other by the end of the sessions. That’s because underneath, they are unique. They have different needs, concerns, desires, and visions that drive them. Perfect!

What I want is to make life work better for the people I work with.  I want the “Aha” to happen that changes everything. More than one “Aha” actually.  I want a better future for you, and a better present. 

I also have (full disclosure) a short attention span.  Want-ology® can help get you focused for a longer coaching engagement, but I focus on getting you unstuck…Some of the coaches I’ve trained can do both.  

I’ll be posting from time to time about Want-ology®, commenting on things in the press, inviting your questions and comments, and inviting some of my Want-ology®-certified coaches and clients to add their voices as well. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, and helping you get to know Want-ology®.

All the best,