I’ve been asked a lot about “what makes Want-ology® different from everything else?  What’s so special?”  I could answer a lot of ways.  There are many things that make it different…and for many people, profoundly effective in getting unstuck and finding their path forward.  

It’s a system and it’s specifically designed to help you make a shift in your life.  I know, because it has helped me, repeatedly, make shifts in my life.

I always wanted an exciting life.  I didn’t want it to be boring, or mundane or to do things because they were “expected.”  And I wanted to be unstoppable.  It was clear to me early on that people could hire or not hire me, teach me or refuse to teach me, give me authority or not give me authority.  So I got really good at figuring how to go down different paths to get to where I wanted to go.

The key was knowing where that was for myself, not just identifying an external goal that was attached to what someone else “owned” or owned the right to control.  That meant listening to my internal voice, not the cacophony of people around me, the media, and the visible trappings of “success.”  It also meant being able to stay true to myself, and navigate myself ahead, on my own terms, and still function in society and earn a living.  And maybe most important, it meant finding the contributions I could make to the world. 

That’s why I developed Want-ology®.  It’s my way of boiling down all of those issues, to share with you how to see–deeply–what you really want.  And how to chart your course to getting it.  

There’s a real role for having a “goal” or identifying a “want.”  But it’s usually not the goal or the “want” that’s the point. It’s what’s behind it.

The old Chinese proverb, “Be very careful what you ask for, for you shall surely have it” points to what I consider is the Universe and its strange sense of humor.  So you can have a goal, like get a college degree, or get a job at X company.  Or you can have a “want” like “I want to get married”, “I want more money”, “I want a better job.”  And you may get it.  And it may be fine. Or it may turn out to be disappointing, awful, NOT be anything like you expected, hoped for, or desired. 

Or you may try and try again to get it, and fail, or ultimately become convinced you can never have what you want. People spend years beating up on themselves and thinking they never tried hard enough, whether that’s true or not.  Not a good way to spend what may be the only time you have on the planet.

Your goal, or the “want” that you are asking for is, however, a great jumping off point, and that’s where we start.  So if you bring yourself to Want-ology®, bring your goals. Bring your “wants.”  You may get them. There’s a good chance that, after Want-ology®,  they will be much more like what you had in mind.

But it’s just as likely that you’ll wind up with a path that leads to something much, much better.  

And you’ll walk away knowing you can make that happen again and again, and you’ll have the tools to do it.