When I first developed Want-ology®, I developed it as a set of tools for personal change, a way to be able to shift our consciousness, our perspectives, our underlying assumptions, our ability to see new possibilities. It is not a way to just be happier. I would have called it “Happy-ology” if that were the case.

Want-ology® is a challenge to our “normal way of being.” The world is changing around us: Our lives, our job opportunities, our relationships, and our expectations about the future. It’s an opportunity to make a real shift in the way we see ourselves and our lives and our options. It takes some real engagement, because if you are in a changing world, you need to be able to see that change, and look at who and how you want to be in that new world. And you can’t get there by just tweaking your language or practicing positive thinking.

Want-ology® is for people who see that what they are doing isn’t getting the results–the personal experiences–that they want to be having. It is for people who are ready to make a shift in their thinking, and experience life in a new way. It’s about change, and not just external change, getting a new job, having a new relationship, finding a new hobby (although these things might happen in the course of their Want-ology® process).

Most important, the people who are attracted to Want-ology® are willing to entertain new ways of thinking and experiencing to discover what is most important to them. It takes some work.

I have noticed that most people will wholeheartedly embrace change–as long as they don’t have to do anything different. If you just want to be “happier” and not change anything but your attitude, I recommend a form of “Happy-ology”.

Want-ology® is an invitation to the shift that will change your perspective, and if you choose, can change your life into the life you want to be living, not the one others expect you to have. It’s not for everyone.

Is it for you?