Building on her successful career in championing organizational success, Dr. Kreitman is focusing on how individuals can transform their lives for the better in challenging times, with her Want-ology® workshops, Focal Types™ assessments, and transforming the working experience From Deadlihood to Livelihood™–for the benefit of businesses and organizations as well as the humans who create and sustain them.

In addition to a number of years in consulting to business, non-profits, and government organizations, she spent six years teaching systems, cybernetics and complexity at the university level, including Cybernetics and Systems theory, critical and creative thinking about Chaos theory, and System Dynamics simulation; a year as a professional motorcycle mechanic; three years as an owner-operator driving 18-wheelers in 34 states and three provinces of Canada; two years as a working musician (rock, jazz, rhythm and blues); and several years in small business operations, management, and administration. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two cats, who remind her what’s important in life.

The developer of the Want-ology® process, her goal in life is still helping people and organizations “really get what they really want.”


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  1. Dear Dr. Kreitman,

    We would love to interview you for our EYES IN Magazine in where we feature World’s Innovative Creators & their Masterpieces. More information about us can be found on http://www.eyesin.com/magazine and http://media.eyesin.com/ezine/issues/ for our EYES IN Culture chapter. Please let me know if you are interested. You can reach me via +1 917 774 0167 or via Vivian_Van_Dijk@eyesin.com

    Best wishes,

    Vivian Van Dijk – Founder + Editor-in-Chief EYES IN Magazine

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